Pancakes with Apple


Flour: 700 Gr. (4 cups and 2 tablespoons)

Sugar: 40 Gr. (1/5 Cup)

Yeast: 30 Gr.    Milk: 700 Gr. (a little less than 3 glasses)

Apples: 200 gr. (the average weight of 100-150 GR Apple.)

Egg: 110 Gr. (2 medium eggs)

Salt 15 Gr. (half a tablespoon)

For roasting: 90 gr.(5 tablespoons)

Honey, 200 gr.

Yield: 10 servings at 150 Gr.

How to prepare:

To cook the Pancakes with Apple need to do the following:    Prepare the dough with milk in non BREW way. Apples are washed, cleaned, cut into small cubes and add to the dough during obminki. A large Spoon batter is poured into the pan with the hot oil and FRY fritters.    Pancakes with apples ready!

Apple filling


Apples: 1000 Gr. (the average weight of 100-150 GR Apple.)

Sugar: 300 Gr.(1.5 cups)

Cinnamon 1 GR.

How to prepare:  

When you are going to bake sweet cakes or festive sweet cake is very important to cook tasty stuffing. Apple filling recipe:    Apples cut into wedges, cut out the core and cut crosswise into thin slices. In a saucepan put the apples, sugar, stirring with a spatula, and cook until they begin to razvarivat′sâ. Then add the ground cinnamon in the topping.    Cook and bake! We hope you enjoy our Apple Filling.

Goose with apples


Goose: 1pc.

Apples: 1.5 kg. (for comparison, the average weight of 100-150 GR Apple.)

Per serving:

Goose or duck (with bones) 350 Gr.

Apples: 150 Gr.

Sugars: 5 g. (a little less than half a teaspoon)

How to prepare:    

To cook a dish the goose with apples, you must do the following: Goose carcass rub flour and opalivaût. Then his gutting and well washed. Neck, legs up to the knee joint and the wings on the first joint of the chop.    Rub with salt prepared by the carcass inside and out, perevazave Twine to hold wings and legs, stack on a baking tray back down, put the grill rack and roast until the carcass is not zarumânitsâ. Then pour about ½ cup of water and roast 1.5 -2 h. vytaplivaûŝimsâ, flinging the juices and fat. While the goose is cooked, prepare the apples: cut them into quarters and cut out the core.    Apples are placed on a baking tray and baked with goose fat, flinging. You can stuff the goose with apples.    Roast goose with remove Twine and narubaût carcass into pieces. The pieces are placed on the dish the goose, obkladyvajut baked apples and decorate with parsley.    Goose with apples ready! Bon appétit.