Easy recipe for Apple Pie

To cook the Apple Pie, take our easy recipe for Apple Pie.

You will need the following Ingredients:

4 large apples,

half a cup of flour,

1 cup sugar,

one half of the d/l cinnamon 3 tablespoons low-fat yogurt, 1 h/1 l soda, egg and a pinch of salt.    If this is all you have, you can go directly to the cooking.    How to prepare:  Peel the apples, peeled, cut into thin wedges. Then lay the slices in oiled mould for baking, sprinkle with sugar (0.5 tbsp sugar). Then send the mould with an Apple in a preheated oven. It’s time to bake our apples. It only takes 20 minutes. While the apples are baked, Cook the dough from the above listed products. Mix well the dough. Then pour the baked apples. Then another 25 minutes to bake pie until fully cooked.  We hope that our easy recipe for Apple Pie you liked.    Bon Appetit!

Pancakes with Apple


Flour: 700 Gr. (4 cups and 2 tablespoons)

Sugar: 40 Gr. (1/5 Cup)

Yeast: 30 Gr.    Milk: 700 Gr. (a little less than 3 glasses)

Apples: 200 gr. (the average weight of 100-150 GR Apple.)

Egg: 110 Gr. (2 medium eggs)

Salt 15 Gr. (half a tablespoon)

For roasting: 90 gr.(5 tablespoons)

Honey, 200 gr.

Yield: 10 servings at 150 Gr.

How to prepare:

To cook the Pancakes with Apple need to do the following:    Prepare the dough with milk in non BREW way. Apples are washed, cleaned, cut into small cubes and add to the dough during obminki. A large Spoon batter is poured into the pan with the hot oil and FRY fritters.    Pancakes with apples ready!

Apple filling


Apples: 1000 Gr. (the average weight of 100-150 GR Apple.)

Sugar: 300 Gr.(1.5 cups)

Cinnamon 1 GR.

How to prepare:  

When you are going to bake sweet cakes or festive sweet cake is very important to cook tasty stuffing. Apple filling recipe:    Apples cut into wedges, cut out the core and cut crosswise into thin slices. In a saucepan put the apples, sugar, stirring with a spatula, and cook until they begin to razvarivat′sâ. Then add the ground cinnamon in the topping.    Cook and bake! We hope you enjoy our Apple Filling.